Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back on the diet bandwagon...

Yes again!! It is a never ending thing with me. Someone just needs to glue my ass to the seat so I cant get off! Been slowly making changes, healthy breakfast..oatmeal or yogurt and fruit, made a nice big container of salad on Mon with romaine, baby spinach, snow peas, and grape tomatoes...yum. Been having that each day with some protein left over from night befores dinner. Fruit or yogurt in the late afternoon to hold me for dinner, then trying really hard to make good choices for dinner. Dinnertime and after are what I struggle with the most. Boo(ds-15) and Ber(ds-13) eat plenty of veggies and arent hard to cook for, but Cowboy is very picky and is big on steak and potatoes or some kind of macaroni. He likes almost no veggies...although I did get some fresh spinach in him last night without too much complaint. He doesnt like most veggies, but he likes the weird ones like spinach and lima beans...I wont even eat lima beans!!!!

Anyway as anotherf hop back on the bandwagon I am rejoining the gym I recently let my membership lapse at. I talked to them yesterday and they have some kind of junior program for over 14yrs old so Im hoping that Boo can join with me. He really wants to start working out so at least that will get me!


Perky said...

Good for you! Those small choices add up! Of course, so do the bad ones!

BTW, the photo of you on the right is HOT!!! You look great!

Trace said...

Good job w/the meal changes. It WILL pay off and be worth it!