Monday, February 05, 2007

I am back!!!

7 months since my last post but who is counting???? Hopefully no I realized after reading a couple of my friends posts on their blogs that I do miss doing this, and after I reread some of my posts they didnt seem nearly as pointless and full of babble as I thought they were. At least not reading them now they dont seem I am back on the blogging bandwagon. Probably forgot everything I previously learned about blogging so please bear with


Trace said...

YOU'RE BACK!!! I find it sort of addicting. We're doing training w/Dogs and Their Companions. It's w/a shock collar. PLEASE don't judge me! For some reason no one has a problem w/the electric fence, but they feel pity for her w/this training. We ran the gamut of dog training (treat training, prong collar training, etc.). We were DESPERATE and I knew that we needed to do something for our hyper pup since we have the Pocono house and hopefully a baby in our future.

Perky said...

Welcome back to the blog world!