Friday, April 28, 2006

Definition of a Flyers Fan!!!!! (I LOVE IT!!!!)

Philadelphia fans defined
April 28, 2006
Article from

We're so misunderstood. People in other parts of the country, and most recently Buffalo (since the Flyers are playing the Sabres), hate Philadelphia fans. They call us "Scumbags". They say we have no class. I say, we have passion. We have a f@%$ing TON of passion. We hate the other team, the other team's fans, the other team's fans' kids, the other team's fans' pets... everyone and everything that has to do with the other team. When the Olympics were on, and the teams split up to go to their National teams, I hated everyone on the Flyers, even, who wasn't American, but only for those two weeks :) When it was Forsberg and Niitymaki in the final game of the Olympics, I had calmed down on my hatred a bit, but had no idea who to cheer for, since they're both great Flyers. Flyers fans will throw beer, punches, kicks, bras, food, truckloads of profanities, and anything else they can get their hands on. They will get kicked out of the game. And they will love every minute of it. If you are cheering for the other team, you will have never experienced as much misery in your whole life than during those three hours. We'll try to fight the players on the other team (Picture Tie Domi in the penalty box). We'll cheer when they're injured. We'd give anything to see a fight. But we love our teams. We love the Flyers. And they love us back. It's an "us against the world" mentality. We stick together through the thick and thin. If the team senses that the fans aren't cheering enough, they'll go knock someone's head off. If the fans aren't sensing that the team is giving it their all, we'll BOO the s@#% out of them. It's a two way deal. We're both crutches, carrying our crippled city's championship history to the goal. A championship in Philadelphia. With our help, and some sh%^ kicking, jaw gnashing, hatred of the other teams, we will make it. So, other cities of the NHL, understand that when you think lowly of the fans of Philadelphia, and the team of Philadelphia... you only make us proud!

God I LOVE Hockey!!!!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 13....NOT!

Ok I tried to do the thursday 13...but it took me forever to come up with 13 things..and then when I went looking for more instructions...I accidentally deleted it. I did manage to add the blogroll to my blog...maybe Ill have better luck next week! LOL!

Thursday 13 (finally figured out!!!)

Thirteen Things about Tish

1. I hate my given name...Tish is a nickname.

2. Im very new to this blogging thing and apologize in advance for any boo-boos or no-no I make along the way.

3. There are probably 1300 other things I should be doing right now!

4. Really couldnt care less about #3 cause this is way more fun!!!

5. I impulsively ordered probably close to 5 books on the subject of blogging. (can you say shop-a-holic?..and did it without leaving the house!)

6. Am constantly in trouble with DH re: #5

7. I am consciously trying to drive the sound of my kids fighting out of my head!

8. I just had an Oriental Chicken Salad from McDonalds...mmmm. Yummy and only 8WW points!

9. Im struggling to think of 13 things...can you tell?

10. I love horror/drama shows...think Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones, CSI, & House.

11. I love Love LOVE Flyers Hockey!!!!!

12. Im so glad the Flyers won last night!!!!!

13. Im really glad I thought of 13!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday fun day?

Not in this Sunday is usually the day I get the most done around the house. DH is usually off, the kids have their things to do, and I dont usually go out shopping on the weekends..hate the weekend I stay home and get stuff done that I should have done during the week instead of

Took Danny to karate...he had TaeKwondo Team practice..thats about 2 hours long, so I did run and get some produce. Needed cabbage for dinner tonite. We arw having ham and cabbage...yum!

Now that we are home Ive got tons of loads of wash to fold, and more laundry to finish. Ive already done 4 loads of wash, mopped the kitchen and front hallway floor. Once the kitchen dries..I can mop the back hall floor(bad planning on my and get all the muddy doggie prints off the floor out there. Hopefully the rain is done because it is making a mess out of my I dont really need any help in that area!!!

We have a couple movies to watch....See Dick and Jane..with Jim Carey and Tea Leoni, Rule of Engagement with Tommy Lee Jones, and Original Sin with Antonio Banderas (sighhhhh) Hopefully we get to at least one of them!!!

That brings me to a question..anyone seen anything good lately??? Or read a really good book?? Im looking for some new ideas!! Thanks!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rename my blog....please!

Ok heres the deal. I thought the name of my blog was an original one..and that it would bring the song to mind. After searching the web looking for tips and help with html..I came across many blogs with that name...and a movie by that name that is about gangs and strife. Definitely NOT the mood I was looking to associate with mine.

Im trying to think of a new name...something that isnt associated with strife and feeling angry. Any ideas would be appreciated! I like Butterfly Dreams..but am thinking that would be to fru-fru.

Please help me!!!!!

Starting to get the hang of this...

Finally!!!! Spent most of the morning playing with this blog....trying to add links and such! I think I finally figured most of it out. I added my fav blog links to my friends sites, so we can stay up-to-date! Its stupid little mistakes that Im making that are causing me most of my hair-pulling incidents. I should be bald by the time Ive got it all figured!!!

Where I got the name for my blog

I choose this title because I love the song. Its by Pam Tillis..and Mi Vida Loca means My Crazy Life! Appropriate no???

Here are the lyrics:

If you're coming with me you need nerves of steel
Cause I take corners on two wheels
It's a never-ending circus ride
The faint of heart need not apply

Mi vida loca over and over
Destiny turns on a dime
I go where the wind blows
You can't tame a wild rose
Welcome to my crazy life

Sweetheart before this night is through
I could fall in love with you
Come dancing on the edge with me
Let my passion set you free
Here in the firelight I see your tattoo
Mi vida loco, so you're crazy too

Mi vida loca over and over
Destiny turns on a dime
I go where the wind blows
You can't tame a wild rose
Welcome to my crazy life

We'll go where the wind blows
And I'll be a wild rose

Welcome to my crazy life!!!

Poor neglected kitties.

I realized after reading a comment from a flyfriend (Thanks Tracy!) that I forgot to post pics of my kitties when I posted family pics. My poor babies! Luckily they don't surf the web often, so I don't think they noticed my faux To remedy that is a pic of my 7 yr old male Pumpkin..also know as Evil Orange...and my 8 moth old female named Tiger (that everyone calls Skitchy)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Funny Quote

I saw this on an email I got earlier today and thought it was funny!

Some guy hit my fender the other day, and I
said unto him "Be fruitful and multiply." But not in
those words . . . . . . (Woody Allen)

The rest of the family!!!!

Ok these pics came out in weird order, but Ill just go with it and hopefully you can follow. The first pic is of our new puppy Juliette. She is such a sweetheart..but she is starting to get really confident in her surroundings...which is a good thing, but it also means she is starting to get in the trash, chew things, try to dominate my older dog....she is definitely a female...and thinks she is the boss!!! LOL! The next pic is of my golden boy Romeo. He just turned 5 yrs old last month and he is my sweetie. He has been so tolerant of the new puppy, and even lets her snuggle with him at night, even though I know he doesnt want too. LOL. He looks at her like she is a Leper, but I guess he figures its easier to let her lie there than it is to get rid of
The next one is a pic of my DH in Virginia. We were there on vacation, and these 2 fish were the catch of the day!! We will be married 15 years next month. FIFTEEN YEARS...god that sounds like a long Cant believe he has put up with me for that must be love!!!

The next pic is a pic of my DS-14 and his 8yr old cousin. Im assuming you will be able to tell which is which! We were on our way to a karate demo when this picture was taken. They are just chillin in the backseat.

Next pic is both of my DS's. DS-14 and DS-12. I havent figured out what Im gonna call them on here, so for right now its ds-14 and ds-12. Gotta think of something creative. I might use their nicknames...although ds-14 (Boo) might take issue with Here they are petting the Chincoteague Ponies.

Now that Ive got this working....

I figured Id add a pic of me and the family...Ill introduce each one as we go!

This is me...well me a year ago. I dont have any recent pics that arent of Christmas or New Year, and since its April I wanted a summery pic. I look pretty much the same...Im sunburned again, thanks to a trip down to Virginia over Easter break, and my hair is Need to get another perm, but after the disastrous haircut I had last Aug..Ive been shying away from any and all hairdressers. I wont get into it here since its long and involved...but it was awful!! Bad....really really bad!!! Cried over it bad!!!! Can you say scarred for life???

He is growing fast...despite my wishes to the contrary. I see him becoming more like a man and less like a little boy every day. Today I finally broke down and got him a cell phone. Ive resisted this for so long for one, because its an extra expense we really dont need, and two because I just thought he wanted one because every other kid he knows has one. I finally gave in because Imm having a hard time keeping tabs on him. He is going further and further away from home and when I need to find him, or give him a message it takes me forever to locate him. The other reason is one Ive been thinking about ever since he broke his wrist. He was in the woods with a couple friends and they were doing jumps on their bikes. Well he tried one particular stunt, didnt make it, and fell and broke his wrist. Luckily one of his friends had a cell phone, and let him use it to call me...if it hadnt been for this would have been a long painful walk home for ds-14 to finally get me. That got me thinking about all of the dangers he faces, and puts himself into. It does make me feel a little more secure knowing that he is just a phonecall away. The salesgirl tried to sell me on the new gps locator to put on his I could find out where he was tempting..but not worth an extra$10 a month for it. The thought of lojacking my kid was pretty amausing. After all I have id chips in both of my dogs in case they get lost, so they can be returned....why not lojack my kid?? Somehow I dont think he'd see the humour in

THink Ive worked out the kinks!!! far so good. The last post seems to be sticking around. Hopefully Ive got it figured out. This blogging thing is harder than it looks at first. I also cant figure out how to put html on here. Ive copied and saved like Im supposed to...but its just not showing up. Oh well C'est la vie!!
So far today Ive got alot of projects planned. I need to add some plants to my front flower bed. Picked up some pretty petunias at HD, along with some more topsoil for the backyard, and some mulch for the flowerbed. As the weather forcasters are calling for rain tomorrow..I need to get the topsoil put out back to fill in the holes that ddoggies keep digging. Apparently Goldens LOVE LOVE LOVE to dig. Didnt know that about them. DH keeps telling me they are digging their own For a while it looked like Bosnia out back..but now I am making a point to get the holes filled back in. I want to have a nice green pretty back will take constant effort on my the dogs and the kids seem to love tearing it up and making it a mess!!!
I also need to spread out the grass seed I bought last week so hopefully the grass will start to come back. Its good in some spots..but naked in others!
In addition to all that I need to get the livingroom vac'd, and some more laundry done. Laundry is the bane of my existence. Seems like all I do is laundry, only to find there is more laundry to be done. I never knew 4 people could wear so many clothes!!! Ok off I go....the spirit is will..but I think the flesh is weak!!! Wish me luck!!
Entry for April 06, 2006
Ok here first attempt at blogging. I enjoy reading other blogs..everyone makes it look so easy, and I should be able to do it too right? Just gonna jump in and if you lose interest feel free to leave.
Where to start....hmmm. Im a SAHM, I have 2 boys. The oldest one is 14 going on 30...and the younger one is 12. THe question I get asked most often is why am I still at home when my boys are so old. Well there are several answers to that. I still dont know what I want to be when I grow Basically I stay home because I like it, my boys like it and my DH likes it. My 2 boys fight way to much to be left home alone, and to come home to the house still intact. I do watch other kids for some extra income...but Im down to one right now.
Believe it or not...SAHM's are pretty busy. If Im not running to the grocery store, the dr's office, the dentist, or vet...then Im usually out with my partner in crime, shopping, going to the gym, looking for good deals to resell on Ebay, or just grabbing lunch and generally carrying on. All and all Ive got a pretty good life!!!
With the warmer weather coming Ive really been looking forward to getting out to my flower garden. I rebricked it last week because the old fencing around it was shot. It looks so nice now, I cant wait to get some new flowers to put in. I have some Hostas breaking ground and popping up..and soon it will be filled with them.
Guess thats all for now. Ill post more later.